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About Company

Mt Juliet Market is the unique vision of long time friends Terri Brown and Niqui Cunha. They have created a specialty store that offers everything you need to create the perfect cocktail and have the perfect get together. Their focus is on all natural ingredients and a good time! “Our goal is to supply you with everything you need to mix up the perfect cocktail or throw the perfect party. We sample everything we sell, so we know it is great and meets our high standards.”

Mt Juliet Market picks up where the liquor store leaves off; selections include all your cocktail and bar essentials; natural mixers and bitters; artisan meats, cheeses, chocolates, and snacks; over 400 craft, domestic, and import beers; we even have draft beer served from, the first ever in Tennessee, tap system that pours the freshest tap beer you can get! Our growlers are FREE; recyclable 72 oz plastic bottle and BPA free of course!

It is truly a one of a kind shopping experience, located on the north side of Mount Juliet, TN “The City between the Lakes”, just 25 miles east of Nashville. If you are looking; to stock your bar, for the perfect gift, an extraordinary cocktail or an unforgettable appetizer, then you definitely want to head to Mt Juliet Market. You won’t be disappointed!

At Mt Juliet Market we are proud endorsers of the Pick Tennessee Program. We hand select each local Tennessee products to complement our store and its selections and look forward to adding many more Tennessee products on our shelves. Buy Local…Pick Tennessee!

Stop in for our Tastings every Friday @ Mt Juliet Market from 5pm to 8pm; pairing our draft beer with a wonderful artisan cheese and meat or maybe one of our amazing dips! It’s always different, it’s always free and anyone is welcome to come in and try new and wonderful things. Good friends! Good Food! Good Beer!

Our Customers Opinion

My favorite store ever!!! They carry all the items my family loves to snack on and drink. Greatest addition to Mount Juliet in years. Please support these amazing ladies who bring local, natural, healthier treats to our area.
Mrs. Butler
Absolutely THE BEST market in Mt Juliet. High quality, gourmet, healthy ingredients to create "goodness without guilt" treats. A variety of ready made yummies, excellent beer selection as well as unique gifts & novelties. A foodies dream❤️
Mrs. Vinson
Big shout out to the ladies down at Mt. Juliet Market! This is the second time I have chose to buy gifts for my wife at this store. First go around was a great, handpicked gift basket that was packed and wrapped beautifully for my wife's birthday. This go around, some nicely wrapped (!) gifts from my boys to celebrate Mother's Day. You guys are always helpful and friendly! Thanks for a great little store in our town! Keep it up
Mr. Jakalski
These ladies have got it going on, everything for the whole family, my daughter loves the candies, my husband loves the beer and I love the gourmet food and gifts. You can also pick up something for a friend and get it gift wrapped...and shipped, so simple!!
Mrs. Luke

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Weddings & Events - Mt Juliet Market, near Nashville, TN

Weddings & Events

Mt Juliet Market would love to help you with your wedding or event, in Nashville and surrounding Middle Tennessee area. From creating a signature cocktail to delivering kegs, let us help take care of your special occasion. Give us a call or email us for pricing, pairings for your cocktails, beer or wine. Give us a call or email us for pricing, beer selections, and cheese & charcuterie pairings for your cocktails, beer or wine. With our hand selected cheeses, salamis, AND all natural mixers your party, wedding or event will be a huge success!

Having a party? or a wedding?

Mt Juliet Market can help you create the most special wedding day, corporate party or laid back event and even tailgating parties. Make memories without all the hassle; with the ease of buying beer and ciders for your wedding or event. From keg rentals, to bottles or cans, not only can you purchase it. Mt Juliet Market can help you create a true one of a kind event for your special day.

Mt Juliet Market always strives to have great craft beer and cheese pairing ideas for your next event or party. We carry everything you need to craft the perfect cocktail or appetizer for your special day! Need to stock your bar as well? From all natural mixers, bitters, syrups, and garnishes; we can help you come up with all your bar materials and/or a signature cocktail that fits your budget and style. Let us help you with your weddings & corporate parties, signature cocktail creations or even your laid back events & tailgating parties.

If you need your kegs or beer, we can help! Located 25 minutes from Nashville, TN. Just call us at 615-754-5400 to find out more information.

**Click Here for KEG LIST & PRICES**

First, you'll need to determine the quantities you need. For beverages, you can use the estimator below. A safe bet is that most people drink about a drink per hour, tapering off if it's a long party. Here is an example of what your cost and deposits would look like when renting kegs.

Beer Cost:

  • 1-½ keg of Bud light $135.39
  • 1-½ keg of Coors Light $135.39
  • 1-¼ keg of Coors Light $79.99
  • 1-½ keg of Miller lite $135.39

Tub & Tap Rentals:

  • Tap Rental $15 per tap
  • Tub Rental $10 per tub

Refundable - When items returned is same condition

  • Keg Deposit $50 per keg
  • Tap Deposit $25 per tap
  • Tub Deposit $25 per tub

Other Essentials

  • Ice $2.49 per bag (We offer 3 free bags with every keg set-up)

  • To determine the mix you need, just keep in mind that each choice you offer means that you need to build in overkill in case everyone wants that particular choice. If you think you have an even split between wine and beer, buy enough wine for 60% of the crowd and enough beer for 60% of the crowd. This gives you 20% excess and a margin of safety.

    The calculator below will give you the numbers you need to plan your party purchases, with the margin of safety built in:

    Party Planning Calculator

    How many guests will you be having?
    About how many are non drinkers?
    How long is the event (hours)?
    Will you be offering mixed drinks? Yes No
    If yes...  

    What percentage of people will be drinking hard liquor? (if you have no idea, figure about a third).

    Are you offering beer or wine? Yes No
    If yes...  

    What do you think will be the split between beer and wine? (if you have no idea, assume 50/50. Skew toward beer for twenty-somethings.)

    What do you think will be the split between red and white wine? (if you have no idea, assume 50/50. If it's summertime, skew towards whites.) Red/White


    Soda and seltzer: 750 ml bottles
    Beer: cases
    (remember, if you offer more than one choice of beer, buy a little extra! Also, if you decide on a keg depending on your selection they may come in these sizes: 1/2, 1/4, & 1/6 - click the keg rentals link more information KEG RENTALS)
    If no champagne for bar:  
    White wine: 750 ml bottles
    (remember, if you offer more than one white, buy a little extra!)
    Red wine: 750 ml bottles
    (remember, if you offer more than one red, buy a little extra!)
    Champagne for toast only: 750 ml bottles
    If champagne is served at the bar (assumes 1/3 of white wine drinkers will drink champagne)
    White wine: 750 ml bottles
    Champagne: 750 ml bottles
    Red wine: 750 ml bottles

    Keg Rentals
    Interested in a keg and its cost? CLICK HERE
    For more information about deposits and rentals check out our Keg Rentals page.
    Party Planning
    The beautiful Nashville area is the perfect place for an outdoor spring or summertime garden party, a cozy, indoor autumn dinner or a festive holiday celebration. Whatever the occasion and whatever you need, it is our pleasure to provide you with unparalleled choice, quality and service. From a simple, everyday occasion to the most sophisticated affair, our employees truly have a passion for what they do and they love to share that passion with our clientele. Whether it's entertaining in the home or office, gift giving or simply indulging in life's finer pleasures, let our staff of experts help you create a celebration of taste!

    Wine as a Gift
    Searching for the perfect host/hostess gift? Mt Juliet Market carries the perfect gift for your friends, clients, co-workers, and your favorite wine or beer aficionado.

    Consider one of many wine accessories to complement your bottle. Try packaging it with a drip stopper, wine charms, or a beautiful corkscrew.

    Planning Your Special Event
    How much wine should you buy? Typically, one 750ml bottle of wine will yield six 4-ounce glasses. At a standup party, guests typically consume an average of two glasses of wine per hour. Therefore, if you expect fifteen guests for a party, you will need thirty glasses of wine, or five bottles. For a sit-down party, the ratio becomes one bottle for every two people; so a dinner-party for six people will require three bottles of wine. Remember that these are general guidelines only; it's always best to keep a spare bottle or two on hand.

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