Meeting Our Friends at Walker Feed Co

It has been great getting to know the Walker Feed Co Family. A few years ago was the first time I met Kristin and Cody. We were excited to order their Bloody Mary Mix and so we scheduled to meet them at the convention center right here in Nashville, TN. We were already going to the the Pick TN Products convention, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to meet and get a case! Of course, the new Convention Center downtown just opened and it was at least 4 times as big as our old one. It felt like forever to get to the event and where Walker Feed Co booth was set up. The booth was set up and Kristin was working it. I introduced myself and asked her if the case of Bloody Mary mix was here or in the underground garage parking (Just hoping it was near where I had parked!!). Well, of course it was at the table, but Cody stepped up and said "I am leaving anyways, how about I carry it down for you." I thought in my head, "Wow, Good ol' Southern Charm! No where else would you find that! "

Ever since our first time purchasing, we can't get enough. Our local community is in love with their products, not only the Bloody Mary, but the Sangria's and Margaritas are amazing! The Margaritas are more on the sweet and tart side, so they work very well with Reposados and Mexcals Tequilas. The Walker Feed Co Sangrias are all natural as well, so you get the real fruit flavors.

A little about Walker Feed Co

So in 2013, Walker Feed Co. was born. We source our ingredients locally to blend a high-quality, all natural, uniquely southern mix. The Three Southern ingredients, which is what really makes us unique, are bourbon barrel-aged Worcestershire, creole mustard, and black strap molasses.

The Walkers have now added new mixes, including a red and white Sangria, strawberry rhubarb and blackberry margarita, and honeysuckle sour mix made with local honey, also including rimmers; such as sea salt, raw sugar and hot spice.

All of the mixes are produced, bottled and labeled right in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Stop on in at Mt Juliet Market and have a taste! Shop around and check out all our all natural mixers, unique and specialty gifts, barware, syrups, artisan cheeses and more!