When you are new at the craft beer world it can be a bit overwhelming. Most of us beer drinkers have a "go to" drink and don't want to branch out. We know what we like, so why try new things? Well, there are certain beers you have to drink. At least once.

At a personal level, I have always been the one to drink Hefeweizen's and Belgium Beers. The fruity and wheat flavors just explode in your mouth and don't leave a bad aftertaste. No Hops and I was happy. They are creamy and don't leave a dry taste on your tongue. The bavarian wheat makes the Hefe's taste just like bananas! A local favorite brewery that has some of the best Belguim beers is The Black Abbey Brewery. These guys don't joke. They know their beer.

After branching out and going to places to sample new beers like Mt Juliet Market, and some of my favorite bars like 3 Crow and PM. I have noticed how much my pallet has changed. I am starting to enjoy the bitterness and citrus flavors in the IPA's and IPL's of the world. I also enjoy a dark heavy beer, which we call the "Breakfast/Dessert Beers" because of their chocolate and coffee tones.

Once you branch out and start tasting all these different hops and malts, you start to understand the uniqueness of each brew and also each brewery. The type of water that was used, the amount of malts to hops or grains that the beer was brewed with, how long the mash was cooked. Your eyes start to open up and so do your tastebuds!

If you are new at it, just start with a Lager, Kolsch or Pilsener style beer and work your way up. The best lager style brewery in Nashville is Little Harpeth Brewing. All their beers are easy to drink and have wonderful flavors. Mayday Brewery is also a good brewery for various types of beers. Ozzy, the owner, says they make all their beers to be drinkable....basically you can consume a lot more than just 2 beers of one kind of brew. If you are more of a bottle/can drinker, some great styles to start with are: French Broad Gateway Kolsch, Wiseacre Ananda IPA, Duck Rabbit Milk Stout, Lucky Bucket Pre-Prohibition Lager or for an imported beer try Eintock White Ale or Arctic Berry Ale out of Iceland, Quilmes from Argentina or maybe Pilsen from Uruguay.

Mt Juliet Market samples all kinds of beers. No matter if its draft or out of the bottle, we are always trying new beers! We enjoy helping consumers pick out different styles and are happy to see which ones they enjoy. Not only does it show us how each palate is different, but it also shows us how many types of beers and ciders out there are worth the cost.

We only have one life and I say LIVE IT! Enjoy new things, expand your palate and live your life trying and learning new things. It's the way we stay young!